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  • Are you MD flooring Licensed and fully Insured?
    Yes! Magen David Flooring are fully licensed and Fully insured to Bring saftey to our employees and and to you as a customers.
  • What Area do we Cover and serve?
    We are serving the NY, NJ tri-state area and even some parts of Pennsylvania! Kindly send us an inquiry if you are outside this area and we will reach out to you.
  • Are Estimates Free of Charge?
    Absolutely Yes! We provide estimates free of charge. Kindly send us an inquiry or give us a call and we will schedule your free estimate!
  • Are you Only Limited to Certain hardwood flooring ?
    No! We install All Kind of hardwood, from Pine, Maple, Bamboo, Oak, Laminate, engineered, vinyl , Luxury Vinyl Planks and more! Kindly inquire about your special Flooring project!
  • What Order Should I Renovate my house ?
    Depending on your renovations, upgrades to one room could impact another — literally. For example, removing a wall will affect other rooms, which makes it important to get the order right. However, the “best” or “correct” order is different for every project, because every renovation involves different steps and tasks. Some renovations are deep and extensive, while others are light and cosmetic. Whether you just want to spruce things up with some style updates, or you’re looking for a complete home makeover, your flooring is a great place to start. Floors tie a room together, set a mood for the space, and in some cases, even increase property values
  • Can I Steam Clean Hardwood Floors?
    No, you should not steam clean hardwood floors. Cleaning your hardwood floors with a steam cleaner or with excess moisture will damage your floors and cause them to warp. In many cases using a steam cleaner on your floors will void their warranty. Always consult the warranty guide for your floor before using any cleaning products. Some steam cleaner manufacturers may boast that their products are safe to use on hardwood floors (with the disclaimer that the floors must be properly sealed) but both the Wood Floor Covering Association and the National Wood Floor Covering Association do not recommend using steam cleaning products on hardwood
  • Do you offer any warranty?
    Magen David Flooring ,will Guaranty all New Installations/Sanding/Staining Job for one year from the day of Job Completion.
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