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  • We install and restore floors and nothing else so we know how to performe perfactions

  • Knowledge. We understand the character of wood and its qualities (they are all different).

  • Vision. A carpenter will not see the wood like we do. It is never just a floor. 

  • Tools. We have the tools specially made for the work we do.

  • Technology. We know about colouring, sealing and finishing a floor so its texture meets the desires of the client.

  • Skill. We fit a floor snugly into the area designed for it. No ugly gaps, cracks or spaces.

  • Preparation. We undertake a thorough survey to ensure we neither over- or under-estimate to materials required or the time required for completion.

  • We have experienced teams who not only know their business but are courteous towards the people around them. 

  • Avoiding delays.  We try to anticipate problems so we equip our vans with everything necessary to complete the project with minimum delay or fuss. 

  • We are passionate about the sustainability of wood. So, if we are asked to fit a new floor, the first thing we do is see if the old one can be revived. 

Our Fully Equipped Fleets & Expert Team Ready To Serve You
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