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More Than Just A Flooring


OUR Proudly Services

  • Flooring Installations & Restorations

  • Sanding & Refinishing

  • Carpet Removal & Restorations

  • Flooring Repair Outdoor Decking & More

  • Have insurance Claim ? We can help work closely with your insurance company


About Us

Magen David Flooring a TOP pro Stauts on all Online platform, Licensed and Insured hardwood floor installer serving homes throughout NY,NJ and tristate Area. We focus on providing five-star quality customer service from start to finish. Whether you are planning to upgrade the wood flooring in your house or install custom wood flooring throughout your commercial business, our goal is to turn your hardwood flooring dreams into a reality. We have done hardwood floor renovations and wood flooring refinishing in just about every type of home throughout NJ. We are a one-stop-shop for hardwood flooring services including wood medallions, borders, exotic concepts and custom staining. We are simply the company that gives the customer what they want. Call one of our representatives or email to set up a free estimate today. Our focus is on quality and NOT speed . We never cut corners , even when it’s more expensive Sometimes. Some of our competitors are cheaper , but We will take the time to make sure you’re happy. We don't settle if you only 99% happy, We only let you Score with us the 100% of satisfaction and Guaranteed quality.

Our Work

Hardwood Floors Installations

Solid wood prefinished, or unfinished, engineered or Even luxury vinyl. The Installations and finish of a floor defines the craftsmanship that goes into it. We take great care with the subfloor because a perfectly firm, flat, floor depends on it. We fit floors exactly to the space allocated, wall-to-wall with a skirting to cover the expansion gap. We have really neat ways to get round radiator pipes, door jamb casings, step nosings and stairs as well as fiddly corners and curves. Every floor has its unique challenge and we always find a way that is pleasing to the eye.

Hardwood Floors Restoration

Restoring hardwood floors is a regular part of our business

A damaged hard wooden floor doesn’t mean a new floor has to be Installed. Magen David Flooring are the go-to experts for hardwood floor restoration.

We pride ourselves on giving excellent value for money and the best way of saving time and trouble is to seek our advice. We will dvise uou honestly on how to carry out the work required.

We have experience of all kinds of floors in all kinds of properties, even Grade 1 listed buildings where the finest skills and materials are essential.

Three common reasons for restoration work on your hardwood floor:

  • The floor is old and tired-looking. We are often asked to re-lay an old floor but on careful inspection, we find that, on the whole, the existing floor is fine and all it needs is sanding, colouring and/or sealing to make it look like new again. If we do not need to completely refit a floor we will say so and save you a lot of money. And also save some trees.

  • A reconfiguration of the floor plan. When a wall between two rooms is removed or a new kitchen is fitted, there is can be an unsightly gap left on the floor. Sometimes the hardwood or the floor levels do not match, so we will find the best solution to lay a floor that seamlessly integrates the two rooms. We will try to avoid refitting the whole area by using the best of what is already there.

  • A floor has been badly laid. Often we have been asked to refit a floor that has been badly laid. The days when floors could be laid by builders and carpenters or Handy are over. Modern materials, tools and wood treatments make flooring specialist craftsman’s task. We, at Magen David Flooring, are dedicated exclusively to treat your floors.

Let's Build Your Dream Flooring

We are here to bring you great service to make your house feel like home.

Wether it be flooring, stairs, patio, deck or even something as small as a closet, we bring quality service to you and your home.

It's simple, get in contact with us and we will plan to make you happy.


Our portfolio of completed projects spans private homes, prestigious showrooms, restaurants, sports arenas and even a church. We are proud of what we have achieved, sometimes in difficult circumstances where timing was critical, over 5000 Completed Jobs more than Million SF of flooring installtions a Thousands of happy customers.

We have been called in to repair bad workmanship and restore old parquet to create an authentic floor in an historic old building. The work we do owes everything to our knowledge of the nature of all types of wood, the skills of our enthusiastic team and the specialist, tools, techniques and technologies we have at our disposal.

Whether it is a residential or commercial project, our approach is the same: deliver excellent value for money, keep our promises and work congenially with our clients.

Indoor & Outdoor Project 

From Residential to commercial properties such as offices and salons to large and small residential properties.



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